Our Guildford coaching team

James Auckland

After an impressive career as an ATP professional, GB Davis Cupper and Grand Slam player, James wanted a new challenge…so he had three kids!  Though he's a Level 5 Master Performance Coach who has worked with top 100 players, he says playing tennis with his kids has reminded him of the joy tennis can bring to people’s lives. As our lead programme designer, if young ones are busy splatting monsters in their space-themed tots sessions or not so young ones are re-living last week's winning shots in the pub, James can go to bed happy... until his kids wake him up, that is.

Kit Wallen Russell

Having been part of the rise of ‘Modern Tennis Coaching Academy’ while growing up (my parents ran it), this is what drove me to choose tennis as my main sport at UCL (I chose to represent UCL at tennis instead of football and rugby which I’d played my whole life). I reached a peak of 5 in Berkshire in tennis while growing up, and was on the committee for UCL tennis for 3 years, playing BUCS leagues for 4. Having a multi sports background, I was often disappointed in the inability of tennis coaches to teach the game in a fun, engaging and loud manner. My mission is to transform tennis coaching and the techniques it uses.

Sam Wallen Russell

My mission is to inspire children not just to play tennis but to do it for the right reasons: the love and burning desire to pick up a racquet. I want to show children that tennis is exhilarating and a hard fought sport. By playing for, leading and being awarded honours for playing in sports teams throughout my life, I want to relay my love for surrounding myself with a group of leaders by coaching children to do the same. I hope to play a part in driving a new generation of mass British Tennis Players.