Terms & conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of our website. By using our website, you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use our website.

At Premier Tennis, we committed to the safety and well-being of customers, players and spectators at our tennis venues. If you have any comments or concerns about the venues where we operate, our coaching staff or any other aspect of our service, please let us know on 01865 689 754 or hello@premiertennis.co.uk.

Premier Tennis delivers tennis management services on behalf of local authorities in order to encourage tennis participation. These services include but are not limited to court bookings, coaching programmes and café/kiosk management.

We subscribe to the LTA’s Tennismark codes of conduct including: Code of practice for working with Young People, Child Protection Policy, Photography and Filming of Children Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy.

These and other policies and procedures are available on request from the Premier Tennis office. We make every effort to ensure that the details on our websites and printed materials are correct and up-to-date but cannot be held liable if information is incorrect or out-of-date.

Premier Tennis is a limited company registered in England & Wales, registration number 5392032. Our registered office is: 30 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LE. Our VAT registration number is 166851283.


  1. Tennis courts are for tennis use only, unless other activities are specifically approved by Premier Tennis. Bikes, scooters, footwear with spikes or studs and dogs (with the exception of guide dogs) are all strictly prohibited on tennis courts
  2. Appropriate attire should be worn on court and shirts must be worn at all times. Players are required to wear non-marking footwear when on court
  3. Personal items should not be left on the premises overnight. Lost property, balls or equipment should be handed back to the owner (if known) or to the onsite café, where appropriate
  4. Please respect your own and others’ possessions. Premier Tennis accepts no responsibility for items lost, stolen or damaged on the premises
  5. People not playing tennis should respect players on court by not making excessive noise or causing distractions
  6. Please respect and safeguard the tennis court and ancillary facilities which are made available for use by all members of the community. Damage caused to Premier Tennis venues is chargeable to the offender(s).
  7. Players should declare any existing medical conditions to the Premier Tennis office and/or coaches, and understand that they play at their own risk. To the extent permitted by law, we will not accept responsibility for any injuries incurred during play at Premier Tennis venues in any weather/ground conditions
  8. Unless agreed otherwise, only coaches who have a Premier Tennis coach accreditation may charge for coaching services. Use of baskets of tennis balls is restricted to these coaches only
  9. Where we operate a café, only food and refreshments purchased onsite may be consumed on the premises (with the exception of baby food). Our cafés are strictly non-smoking areas
  10. Those booking court or coaching sessions will be added to our mailing list in order to benefit from parks tennis offers and updates; if you do not want to be added to this list, please let us know on 01865 689 754 or hello@parkstennis.co.uk, or unsubscribe at any time

Court bookings

  1. Premier Tennis operates an online tennis court booking system on behalf of local authorities, which is available at parkstennis.co.uk.
  2. Court bookings are available on the hour. A pay before you play policy is enforced, except where courts are offered free of charge. Using courts prior to paying for them may require players to leave the court
  3. Pricing is set by local authorities in order to encourage tennis participation. Depending on local authority guidelines, concession rates may apply for juniors aged 16 or under, and for eligible adults (e.g. those aged 65 or over, or on specific welfare benefits). When asked, players should show evidence of eligibility
  4. Multiple court bookings can be made, for more than one hour at a time. In the interests of fairness, at peak times such as weekday evenings and weekends, we would ask that you are considerate and limit court time to one hour
  5. Some courts at selected times are reserved by Premier Tennis for coaching programmes and by onsite tennis clubs for practice sessions and league matches. Only coaches approved by Premier Tennis can operate on the courts, and book courts in advance for individual coaching lessons
  6. Players are requested to arrive in time for the start of their sessions and to vacate the court immediately if another person has booked he following time slot
  7. Court bookings can be made online, over the telephone or in person if there is an on-site café or kiosk
  8. When asked, players should show their booking reference (provided to you online when submitting your booking, in a confirmation email or onsite by a café/kiosk operator)
  9. For safety reasons, no more than 4 players should play on any one court without the supervision of a coach
  10. Court usage in poor weather conditions is at the individual’s personal risk
  11. Cancellation: any necessary court cancellations should be made with no less than 48 hours’ notice prior to the court booking time. Cancellations made within 48 hours will be charged the full fee. The full court fee applies if a player chooses to play in adverse weather conditions, on slippery courts and uses the court for more than 30 minutes. In adverse weather conditions the player should send an email to refunds@parkstennis.co.uk within 24 hours of the court booking time to request a credit which can be used against any court booking or coaching session taking place in the next 30 days following the original court booking time. Your email should state the booking reference, place and time booked, and your reason for cancelling – we will try to respond as quickly as we can. If Premier Tennis has to cancel a court you have booked, or a court is deemed unplayable or requires maintenance, we will offer you a full credit against a future court booking or coaching session taking place in the next 90 days following the original court booking time. No cash refunds will be made

Group coaching bookings

  1. Booking for one or more coaching sessions should be made online in advance at parkstennis.co.uk. This allows the coach to know how many players are due to attend, facilitating lesson planning
  2. Coaching sessions must be booked in the name of the player and are non-transferable to anyone else
  3. Places on our coaching programmes are subject to availability and sold on a first come, first served basis
  4. Players who have not booked in advance may still try to join our coaching sessions and pay on the day but, if the maximum places have been reached, they will not be able to take part
  5. If any single coaching session is sold out, a wait list will be created and registered players who leave their contact details will be contacted if the programme is extended with one or more additional coaches
  6. If a player misses a session, we are unable to offer a refund or credit unless there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. an injury confirmed by a doctor’s note
  7. Players booking and attending coaching sessions are assumed to be fully fit. If this is not the case, the player or their guardian must inform Premier Tennis in advance of any medical condition or disability which may be relevant to the coaching session. We must also be notified of any change or deterioration of any such medical condition or disability. We will keep this information confidential and handle such issues with discretion. We will always try to include any such individuals within our coaching programmes wherever possible, but we reserve the right to refuse the booking if we are unable to accommodate the needs of the individual or it is deemed to have a detrimental effect on other players
  8. Premier Tennis coaching staff reserve the right to refuse entry onto a coaching programme or advise a more appropriate session if any participant is found not to be of the appropriate age/ability for the group. Session descriptions are available at parkstennis.co.uk

Cancellation policy

  1. Any cancellations must be made in writing to Premier Tennis, and be received a minimum of 5 days before the coaching begins. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted
  2. Cancellation of a coaching session or programme made 5 or more days prior to the first session will be credited to the customer less a £10 administration fee. No refunds or credits are available after that date, other than in exceptional circumstances. We are unable to accept replacements in lieu of your booking
  3. If you are absent from a session for a reason other than Premier Tennis cancelling it, you are choosing to forfeit the time. Only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. on presentation of a doctor’s note, will a credit be issued
  4. In the event that you wish to cancel and switch onto another programme, subject to availability, Premier Tennis may allow you to transfer your booking to another programme. An administration fee of £10 will apply
  5. If Premier Tennis has to cancel a coaching session or programme you have booked because it is undersubscribed or a coach becomes unavailable, we will suggest alternative arrangements and/or offer you a full credit against future court bookings or coaching sessions. If neither of those is suitable, we will offer a full refund

Wet weather policy

  1. You should bring protection from showers as our general policy is that courses will go ahead unless persistent heavy rain makes the courts unplayable. Any injury incurred while taking part in activities on damp or wet courts is your responsibility
  2. If the weather forecast prior to the session is poor, any decision to cancel will be made by the coach as late as is reasonably possible. Whenever possible, and if you have provided us with the correct information, the coach will try to send you an email or text message once a decision to cancel has been made
  3. If a session runs over half of the designated time and is interrupted due to weather conditions, the session is considered a full session and no credit will be issued
  4. If a session is interrupted due to bad weather conditions before half of the session is completed, the player can request a credit note to be applied to their account
  5. Please bear in mind difficulties in trying to predict the British weather. Our overall intention is for as many sessions as possible to go ahead

Junior coaching

  1. The above group coaching terms and conditions apply to junior coaching sessions also
  2. All children booked onto junior tennis courses are fully supervised, but we cannot undertake to supervise children using the courts at other times
  3. All children booked onto junior tennis sessions should bring appropriate weather protection, drink and snack on court at the beginning of the session. They are not permitted to leave the court without permission from the coach

Individual coaching

  1. Individual coaching sessions should be arranged directly with the coach, who must be approved by Premier Tennis in accordance with local authority guidelines
  2. Coaches are responsible for attending any session they have arranged
  3. Payment should be made directly to the coach who is responsible for court hire fees
  4. Cancellation: individual coaching sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before are liable to pay the coach in full. This is at the discretion of the coach

Updated 9th December 2019